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Copyediting and Proofreading – Bundled Service

As your copy editor, I will address and correct grammar, spelling, incorrect word usage, punctuation, and even find those pesky missing words that never quite made it to the page.

In some situations, you may need a few words re-arranged, so the sentence is easier to read or to clarify who is speaking in between action beats. Though I aim to improve readability, I will not alter your writing style.

As I edit, I will use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, leaving you in the driver’s seat to accept or reject any suggestions I provide. I may ask questions in the comments section, noting a particular problem that needs to be addressed by you.

After I complete this first round of editing, I will email the document back to you to review and update. Once you make any necessary updates, you will then pass it back to me for a final review. At this point, I will proofread the revised manuscript to make sure no new mistakes were introduced inadvertently during the editing process.

All new clients are eligible for a complimentary free sample edit of about 1200 words.

What’s Next

  1. Contact me to move forward with your free sample edit. Let me know anything extra such as any particular concerns you have with your current manuscript, or deadlines you are facing.
  2. Next, I’ll edit and return the sample. If you like what you see, we can decide to move forward with editing the remainder of the manuscript.
  3. Once you send me your full manuscript, I’ll invoice you based on the word count. As soon as the invoice is paid, I will begin editing.
  4. At any time during the editing process, you can always contact me with any questions or concerns. I answer all emails within 24 hours.

This Copyediting & Proofreading Service is a bundled service. The majority of the edits will occur during the first round, with proofreading during the second round.

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Sharon’s edits proved invaluable to my manuscripts. She’s incredible at correcting for clarity and tightening up sentences, without being intrusive on the author’s voice. She knows her grammar rules and finds the teeniest mistakes. Her suggestions—and humor—make for a fun editing experience. I highly recommend her as an editor!

—Megg Jensen, USA Today Bestselling Author