Services & Rates

What I Offer

Editing focused on the sentence level, otherwise known as Line Editing, or as a separate service, Proofreading.

Line Editing

Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes I will read your manuscript and suggest changes to improve the narrative, while leaving your voice and style as an author intact.

My recommended modifications may cover the following:

  • Awkward phrasing
  • Rough or unrealistic dialogue
  • Incorrect verb tense
  • Sentence rhythm
  • Highlight continuity issues
  • Identify repetitive expressions

Line Editing Services Include

  • A complimentary sample edit of your manuscript, Pre-Booking
  • Scheduled Booking: First Pass – this is where the majority of the edits will occur
  • Second Pass – after you have reviewed the suggested changes and updated your manuscript, you pass it back to me for a final review

The rate for Line Editing is $0.01 per word.

Proofreading Services

If you have already worked with an editor to copyedit your manuscript, you can still benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to catch any mistakes that may have inadvertently occurred during the editing process.

In this final pass, I will check for repeated words, missing words, typos, incorrect punctuation, those sneaky homonyms (such as to, too, or two), proper capitalization, and scene inconsistency. You will be able to quickly and easily accept or reject changes as provided through the Track Changes feature in MS Word.

The rate for Proofreading is $0.005 per word.

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Sharon’s edits proved invaluable to my manuscripts. She’s incredible at correcting for clarity and tightening up sentences, without being intrusive on the author’s voice. She knows her grammar rules and finds the teeniest mistakes. Her suggestions—and humor—make for a fun editing experience. I highly recommend her as an editor!

—Megg Jensen, USA Today Bestselling Author